Service and Offers Transport Insurance

Transport Insurance


Thanks to our partner, Manuel Mora Insurance Brokers, Propenor Diesel Service customers can benefit from the best coverage for transport at the most competitive prices.

Our customers will always receive a personalized attention and the most suitable solutions to their needs.

Manuel Mora Insurance Brokerage has a long experience of nearly 30 years in this sector and the trust of a large number of customers and most creditworthy companies in the market.
  • Freight/Shipping insurance – Dangerous, not dangerous, explosive, corrosive, perishable, etc.
  • General liability insurance.
  • Employee group accident insurance
  • Card removal.
  • Motor insurance of all categories. Fleet.
  • Legal expenses and damage claim.
  • Insurance facilities – SMEs.
  • Special liability insurance (environmental, entrepreneurs and managers).
  • Personal insurance (life, accident, home, sick leave, pension, saving, etc.).mmora
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